minor sparks

well if i can find you
could you find me again
i’ve been hypnotized
believing my hearts in my hand
you’ve been walking around
wondering about me
but the truth of the matter
is there isn’t anything to see

well if i called out your name
would you remember
the cold nights we spent together
in the winter last december
those frigid bones of yours
kept you shaking
as i hovered above you
letting go of my fears
well the last thing you and i remember
was the crystallization of your tears

but hey, we’ve got it now
no more mistakes between us
the last straw has been pulled
leftover lust and light bulbs
have blown out
the caskets of our old lovers
have fallen into the river
they drowned out the month
if we hurry up
we can make it
if you listen to me
i can show you how
to catch the sound


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