it’s the mountains you carry on your back
they crumble with every motion you make
they push down harder onto you
with every breath you exhale
every imprecise action
rendering a deafening response

to push it off and give up
would feel bittersweet immediately
but in the grand scheme of things
it would only result in failure
on anything you hold dear or close
for you to lose what you had already achieved

but those past actions led you here
to this weight you chose to carry
a natural progression for you
if anything you should be ready
to take on more and strive for greater
but it seems foolish and arrogant now

it’s true that the end is in sight
but the distance traveled tires all
your exhaustion is proof of your humanity
the obtuse ambition you live off of
can act as a gift or a curse in appearance
what you seek sometimes isn’t what is desired

just remember this when you take that load off
as the earth begins to rumble in victory
when the sweat from your hands drips down upon it
as you rise to full stature and admire your accomplishment
this is not the last mountain you shall carry
it is merely the one you previously held to the sky

the peaks in your life are made by you alone
carry on friend, there is much to be done
before the sun sets, and your final breath


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