never turn you away

how shallow do you think i am?
the hollow shell of a man.
lately i’ve been wondering,
what’s even worth pondering?
the times that we had,
be they good or bad.
spending too much time,
thinking of the perfect rhyme.
ain’t no reason for living,
if it’s spent forgiving.
like a cold drink on a hot day,
an exploding star in the milky way,
not thought to be a mainstay.
don’t wanna have my mind in regret,
fashionably late to the show i’ll bet.
keep myself awake at night covered,
waiting for the sun to finally discover,
the missing pieces to be recovered.
my shadow is the only permanent,
never getting into an argument.
i want to see you again,
out in the rain.
leave your truths outside,
with the tears you cried.
this isn’t an apology to you,
it just my heart being true.


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