next stop

there’s the hope
that you changed
but then again
i liked how you were
but maybe for the better
that it’s different
you’re different now
a new look
with the same eyes
behind them it remains
whatever truth in you
that and the impression
you left behind
the lessons learned
from one another
or from second hand
though i wished you leered
towards my verses
not the choirs hymns
choices i have no control over
nor would i ever seek it
i was a passenger
who overstayed their welcome
ignorant to the knowledge
that beauty can do ugly things
solitude does harm to idle minds
love can only heal minor wounds
prominence is hidden
under your fingertips
to scath uncertainty
masking futures
with the fear that follows
i forgive you now
but your reason escapes me
now and for what feels like
the rest of the ride


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