waking up downtown
in someone else’s bed
to the noise of cans falling

looking out the window
to the street below
a homeless man collects
sampling last nights
leftover drinks and dines

the sun barely breaking
through the city landscape

i gather my belongings
careful not to wake you
whoever you are today
i remember who i met
under the influence

through two doors
a staircase that smells
of liquor and varnish
i finally depart

i walk further
down to the core
passing convenience stores
coffee shops, artisans
who are only now opening

a breeze comes
straight from the lake
passing complexes
highways and paths
invigorating the population

i check the train schedule
before grabbing a ticket
rushing to the platform
to head home in the west

i take my seat
by the window
looking out
over the water
feeling the breeze


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