objects of mass attract

i forgot to tell you,
the world doesn’t revolve around me anymore.

but why bother too,
the lack of rotations made it easy for you to ignore.

i’ve fallen back,
it’s my time to watch you head for the lead.

a brilliant attack,
its more than enough to help you succeed.

but i look back,
you had no desire to run ahead a few days past.

you never wanted a plaque,
to hang on the wall and show the difficulties you surpassed.

a simple gesture,
that’s all you ever wanted from everyone and me.

but i guess it’s a pester,
trying to hold up to a standard of a notable degree.

but watching you fall,
it breaks more than the walls of your insides.

it’s easy for me to recall,
all debris eventually goes with the tides.

as you get pushed back to me,
the world creaks and bends-ready to spin.


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