fourth daughter

are you there
whispering into alcoves
as passerbys listen in
wondering what secrets
can set them free
bound to pathways
of pebbles and hate

are you hurt
have old wounds reopened
new blood covering old scars
warn out scar tissue
a faint reminder of yesterday
failed ritual attempts
to transcend this time

are you waiting
for me to come to town
with my hand out for you
gold in my coat pocket
bountiful room in my heart
unconditional love for the boy
whose blood should have been mine

are you lost
have cold nights worn you down
has his attitude changed you
with an angered voice
or is it a soft touch now
a gentle kiss on the neck
someone who makes you better

are you better
not knowing where i am
wondering who i am now
remembering who i used to be
why i am the way i am now
is it easier to see him
with a future so bright

that maybe i, should stop wondering
about you


i dropped you off
but along the way home
i picked you up
because i used to
know you
but not enough
to see you
with me by you
but i still picked you
up along the way home
while my room mate sat
in the back quietly
as we flirted
when we pulled up
to his house
where his mother
was sorting
after he got out
i hit their garbage can
but i didn’t stop
because you kept talking
i kept smiling
the rest of the drive
until i dropped you off
and i went on my way home
after i picked you up