pink neon (dawson)

i’ll be fine
by the next time
you catch me on
the corners of our
childhood streets

maybe i’ll look
just a little different
from the last time
you caught a glance
of my pearly whites

still wear jean jackets
with iron on patches
old skull pins
food stains remain
from the tenth grade

they finally tore it down
the building where we met
but just like all our
beat up old memories
it too is gone and forgotten

you can trace the rooms
recall the good times
still cry over the bad
wish you could go back
to try and hold on

but we just stand here
on the same corner
as the last decade burned
as we drifted apart
when the wrecking crew came

broke apart what we had
brick by sentimental brick
busted up pink neon signs
that i should have kept hidden
in my fathers backyard

i looked down the street
every night i left you
looking to the top window
waiting for the light to come on
before i went homeward bound

i’m not around these days
but i look now and again
i turn my head as i pass by
at odd hours of the night
but i fail to see your light

so i continue
with the past on my mind
as the night remains quiet
driving to my new life
on another street corner

waiting for a new neon sign


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