quantum mechanics

plugging away during the day
getting lost at odd hours through the night
making motions to put on display
to try and fend off my fright
the terrors lying underneath my skin
the anger drumming against my brain
a kind that puts me into a spin
that latches on, keeps me in pain
don’t you see it eating away
what’s left of me in agony
the cause of it, is hard to say
stopping me from being so care free
if i could cast away my thoughts
let go of the ones i fought off
just give me a few good shots
nothing to really look at and scoff

because ive
got it figured out now
the last remnants 
of the ill fated desires
you’ll believe it when you see it
never could have guessed it would be true
the point you were making comes through
the ferocious temperament of ambition
covered in gold and forgivness
melted compassions flowing away
like lava from my core
hot to the touch
but sure enough
to cure

to endure the trials of your love
before and after, evermore


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