ramble on wings

once it gets inside me
i dont know how it will come out
grind my teeth
on ecstacy and moral ambiguity
wrap my toungue
in tinfoil and electricity
if i spark up
a daring conversationalist
who believes himself to be
a joy to those around the vicinity
catch a breath
these lungs were meant for exposition
but if you get caught in my eyes
know ive got a ploy
let downs are always polite
the sudden urge might kick
everyone jumps at the sound of it
let loose
all these wandering thoughts
whats the harm
in letting go every once in awhile
the cuts and bruises
on your legs and fingertips
tell a tale
of lies and betrayal
so let me in
to your heart
your soul
or just to get the feeling back
in my hands
they’ve been shaking
since the sun went down
last year
cold reluctant novembers
roll around in my mind
ill just forgive and forget
about tonight
p.s. i used to fly the night sky


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