wanted something to stand onto strongly
but broke right out under my feet
can’t find the fault in my footing
don’t want to be clouded in deceit

stood beside you for days
separated by night and obligations
tested by the strength of our love
setup for an abrupt end

figured i could pick myself up again
retrace the steps in my mind
looked up to the pedestal we reached
to find the cracks that let me down

the acts i would commit to relay to you
thoughts of endless questioning
actions made me feel invisible instead
cut out of the picture of me in your head

hit the ground running fast
rolling around to try to mend
misled affection from suitors
only help clarify my mind

still in the wreckage
sifting through the mess
lift me out now and free me
give out the truth and don’t defend

look back at what was
you ran beside me
striving for more with me
before our untimely end


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