i made a quick stop to the store
coming empty-handed wasn’t allowed
i was knocking on the door
but the music was too loud
the guards weren’t on patrol
too busy looking at you
to put something in their bowl
as my knock finally came through
a bouquet in hand
to adorn your table
for a dinner you planned
that adheres to no timetable
as drinks are poured
more truths revealed
always inching toward
one another unconcealed
is this the work of the spirits
warming our insides
as you call me dearest
touching my sides
we sit in your backyard
with the crescent moon in our sights
when we get caught of guard
with maisey looking for a fight
even the friendly neighbours
get entwined by your kindness
as you begin to roll papers
i jokingly call you highness
as we take a stroll
to close castles
it all takes a toll
but we continued to be baffled
how this could ever happen
what stars had to align
but we just keep laughing
as we continue to wine and dine


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