slander – pt i

“you don’t fear it, do you?”

“what’s that?”

“why that you might one day befall the same fate,” she said her hands trembling letting a short breath out. “i don’t believe you would want to share in that type of demise.”

“can’t say i do,” i looked her over, “however, it beats the alternative.” i smirked at her ever so quickly before turning my back on her again as my teeth gleaned out of my whip mouth.

“you’re always so foolish, with words that follow themselves out the door.”

i felt her turn away from me, knowing i was having my jest with her. she walked over to my desk and begin to draw her fingers through my paperwork.

“i don’t recall hiring you as my new secretary, though i’m sure i could find a position for you around this place.” I walked over and slid my hand over hers and followed through to the papers she was eyeing, and put them out of sight.

“what idiot would work for you?” a grin arose on her face.

“oh, can’t say i could describe the person with the type of mentality that would.” I sat up on my desk stretching my arms as i looked out over the city scape that framed my window. “though some have – and with less stamina then you contain angel.”

“well, i can’t spend all day standing around with you – wasting the hours of the day talking of nothing.” she gathered her coat and belongs and made a move to exit the room. “i’ll send word for when we should meet again?”

“that sound’s just right angel, just right. now don’t forget what we discussed. keep quiet of this incident until i can gather the word. we don’t need any hassle from the uniforms down the road. can you do that for me angel?” i titled my head to the side with a half witted grin on my face.

“of course – such a simple task is not nearly enough to discourage me. good day.” she opened and closed my office door quietly and delicately and heard her speaking with tammie outside before leaving the building.

“i just hope i can keep that mouth of yours breathing before tomorrow has come and gone.”


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