i got dropped in
the middle of it
couldn’t make sense
of what was going on
best guess, is that
i’m probably wrong
smoke show
pointing strong
the other way
something strange
coming my way
but i forgot
my keys
to turn on
better follow
the brief hum
of electricity
flowing in my veins
keeping arranged
to my heartbeat
on the screen
short and weak
long highs
quick peaks
chiming out of tune
waiting for you
to blow out
the coverage
get me outta here
i’d even let you steer
on the wrong side of the road
tricks of the trade
a long con
a bitter charade
to lift me out
of this bad dream
keeping me awake
at night
like a constant parade
of old memories
mismatched socks
with holes on sundays
or the sound of
your father on the phone
begging you to come home
when you feel better of alone
with your hands clasped
around an empty bottle
to get you through it
or my recollection of it all
could just be blurred
but how absurd
would i have to be


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