she’s gone back in time before
it’s nothing really new at all
snaps her fingers and counts to four
(just an old magical transfer protocol)

she wakes up on the east coast
sand on her bare feet
next to the closest sign post
(pointing where to eat)

she just goes to her ways
forgetting old problems
including yesterday
(and the past autumn’s)

mostly she just stays at the beach
or rides up and down the streets
it’s a fine art you can’t teach
(but it’s easier then constant defeats)

see the weather’s a little better
no wind chill to bring you down
no need to wear a sweater
(unless you decide to go uptown)

she’ll buy high end designer wears
smoke rings around happy hour
but who even really cares
(when you’ve got unlimited power)

when she comes back i hope you see
she’s more dangerous
then you’d think she’d be
(but dont make a big fuss)

her hearts in the right place
i just wish i knew where that was
it’d be easier to embrace
(then just hitting pause)


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