i used to be around town a lot
but i got caught up
in a fit of anger
with a hatred filled landside
that swept away the good in me
depriving anyone from seeing
the true blue inside
of what eventually became
the shallow organs
that i can place a blame on

so i havent shown my face
around these sharp corners
for fear i might just
break out in a fit of rage
when im left to my own devices
i feel weak without my vices
so the smoke that exhales
from my gasping lungs
is the only truth that remains
of the bitter part of my soul

not that i don’t miss you
or the landmarks of my home
but i get caught up
in endless conversations
that turn into arguements
about whether or not
i have a purpose here
in an unfamiliar tone
or if i truly am better
off all alone

for your sake, i hope you know


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