ten, (ice)

behind your blue eyes
your blonde hair
is there still that
beautiful girl
who made winters warm
with a shining prescence
shaking off cold winds
like rumours of malice
or ill intent
when you showed up
out of thin air
dressed head to toe
in cheap despair
only caring about
apperances and entrances
instead of book reports
or run on sentences
do you still shine on
with the winter gone
your lips redder
than the burning sun
has your facade
finally faded
have your dreams crashed
burnt and jaded
you are
still you
just spring sickness
for summer lights
dead in autumn rot
for the winter solstice
come back to revive
what was left
i see you now
filled with regret
but hiding behind blues
that fill me up
never distraught
you set off
never seen again


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