wish you didn't tell me these things
so i could stay in bed and waste the day
letting on that you know something
teasing me with it to get your way
if i had a meaningful soul
i'd have taken it up with restitution
but i'll remain here at large
waiting for my anger to subside
it's not like me to be so insecure
let alone giving you an unfair impression
that i could ever be so insincere
you can take it all in stride
the little errors that you'll find
broken bits don't really bother me
just don't point them out
like my eyes are betraying me
well i've got something
to look forward to
at the end of my days
keep prodding me for information
i'm sure i'll just give in anyway
these aren't the times you promised
i think i was happier in ignorance
you put a mask on me
paraded me like a lover
underneath it all though
i was a long distance runner
waiting to escape


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