you haven’t seen much of me
not like i was around
been running the roads
got torn up late last year
guess you could say i was on the mend
made a few pit stops
tried to figure out some things
couldn’t get past most of it
yeah, still clings on to me
had a few chances to get rid of it all
decided to hold on
you know what they say about letting go
its harder then it seems
my heart doesnt have an endless reservoir
but sometimes it likes missing more
ran into someone to catch my eye
but i wasn’t worth their time
taken back by my minor asides
so i just kept going on
looking for something to pass me by
as the rains of the spring
fade away from yesterday
the summer heat begins to set in
ill hit town again next morning
try to find my head
throw out my arm in frustration
draw attention to myself
dont want to become another face
that you’ll come to forget
if i can’t fit in place
i’ll keep on moving on
keep searching for what i’m looking for
after i figure that much out


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