west coast

i almost felt guilty
for judging you
when you skipped town
went out west
to forget your problems
cutting all ties
to your old life
making new friends
inheriting new places
to call your own
to erase the ones
you didn’t feel
belonged before

you ran away from family
said no goodbyes to old flames
left no trace of your existence
as the sun set
you left it all behind
through northern towns
the prairies
the rocky mountains
you came to the end
of the country
to redefine
who you are
what you want to be

i know you don’t think about me
when the wind skims your hair
the waves hit your feet
the rain kisses your face
and the moon shines above you
as you walk home at night
it’s probably for the better
to remain forgotten
in your past
for your clean future
to remain intact
as the town you left behind
moves on just the same
with you as a distant memory
far off, away


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