(i think it starts) with a b

i wonder if her ghost white hair
can sense every time that i stare
her pale white skin glistens
under moon beams, but burns
under the sun

i don’t think she knows me
not that i’m a popular guy
but i like to think i’m liked
even though i come off as timid or shy
among others

she’s never got a smile on her face
but i don’t really blame her
if i was that beautiful
i’d save my toothy charm
for those that deserve it

always on the phone
whenever i walk by
it’s part of her job
keeping you connected
all the time

sometimes we match
but not on purpose
black everything
even on a sunny day
but she doesn’t look my way

i’m starting to think
this girl will be out of my reach
unless of course
i get some courage
to blurt out some speech

“why yes the weather is quite frightful,
do you want to go to the beach?”
to which she’ll look at me queerly
without a response she’ll turn away
this ghostly woman i admire

if only i could get her name right


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