young and stupid

i stood right there
in your doorway
while he raised his voice
scolded you again
yeah, it raised the hair
along the back of my neck

but i didn’t move
i just looked at the ground
moved my feet
back and forth
you came down the stairs
with tears in your eyes

i wasn’t prepared
to tell you i had to leave
so you held on tight
to the sleeve of my jacket
so hard it started to tear
my eyes locked to you

you kissed my lips
like they would never
feel this good again
i wanted you to come
back home with me
but you stayed there

look how we ended up
far away
in proximity
in relation
but i remember that night
when we held each other close

if i went up those stairs
things might be different now
if i had raised my voice
maybe your eyes would have been dry
if i had grabbed your hand
maybe you would have stayed by my side

but i failed
i ran away
left you there
i was so many things
i just wish i was more
for you that night


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