at any rate

looking up from where i’ve fallen
figures obstruct my point of origin
my eyes are heavy from dissolution
after all of the effort i put in
to not be where i am now, anyways

rest assured i have a better plan
let it slide down from my hand
like a welcome letter you never got
from a dedicated soul like yourself
at least in appearnace, anyways

when i reach the bottom of this funk
i can bring you to the top again
once i get my bearings on escaping
this tricky tempermental quicksand
that pushes me farther under, anyways

can’t go past the point regardless
it truly can only be up from here
again where ever that might be
closer to you in anxiety ridden lies
then the leftover change i received, anyways

gifted my own hopes and dreams
for penny thoughts and diaries
of lunatics with mind rotting diseases
that they found the cure for in the twenties
but i can’t afford a lobotomy, anyways


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