transfer, or the difference in age

i get lost
from time to time
in the past

i feel my soul drift off
my body stays here
in the now
the air i breathe in
is from the present
but my eye gloss over
i see my memories

autumn evenings
just as dusk settles
i walk you home
we look over one another
but we hold back
as our stomachs ache
i walk to the corner alone

i close my eyes
open again

in the country
at a mansion
we sit on the fireplace
as others play games
on the balcony
overlooking overgrown green
as i confess my admiration
you laugh and run
up the spiral staircase
with a liqour bottle
leaving me with lipstick

i exhale
close my eyes again

the snow begins
you’ve been gone
looking into my eyes
you pull back
into your car
you drive around the corner

i blink

fifteen years
this corner hasn’t changed at all

i get lost
from time to time
in the past

but not on this corner
i know where i am here


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