she collects horror films on VHS
she likes dead things on dead formats
dyes her hair pitch black
though she's blonde naturally
she never puts on lipstick
her lips are red enough
still has her blockbuster card
denounces the internet
on the weekends
she's at the flea market
picking up animal skulls
she's always wearing black
even in her dreams
her ex boyfriend always
looked like he owned a yacht
i think she was trying to be ironic
she hates bands and live music
only listens to the soundtracks
to her favourite slasher films
i've never seen her wear socks
always open toed shoes when she's out
the texas heat might be a contributing factor
she has no intention of going to the alamo
dresses her dog up like sally field
from not without my daughter
though she likes her more in forrest gump
drinks pepsi exclusively in the summer
then goes to 7-up when she's feeling down
one day i'll meet her
when she's walking downtown
i'll come up and say hey
what are you doing around
but i'm sure she'll take one look at me
laugh turn around and say
you're far too easy
then she'll go home
play super mario brothers three
turn off the sound
listen to the soundtrack
to halloween two


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