unrequited affection

time’s up sweet heart
don’t give me that look
you’ve known from the start
that’s the chance that you took
wasting your tears
getting hopes up
you knew my fears
now it will blowup
i couldn’t commit
with my heart in pieces
i hate to admit
my value decreases
whenever i try to find
something to fill the void
i have trouble trying to unwind
cause my hearts still destroyed
so move on to better things
keep your eyes on the future
someone out there with a shiny ring
a fine proper suitor
who would be exactly what you seek
takes you out and travels the seas
he wouldn’t be as fragile and weak
as me with this heart disease
i’ll leave now while i still can
you can call me names you’ll regret
remember this was part of the plan
so it’s no use being so upset
just carry on now
nothing left to discuss
you’ll get over quickly somehow
always cursing just to cuss
forgive me but i really must go
into seclusion to seek what you know
study my shadow
watch it grow
figure it out
to match my soul
see what it’s about
try to console

cause the only regret here, is that you didn’t believe
that i’d disappear, as soon as you misconceived

what we were or would ever be


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