predictions from the past

one day
when you open your eyes in the early hours of the morning
you’ll see more gray clouds then you did the day before yesterday
just remember why i fought for you
in 2185
woke me up in the night
your cold hands
kept me from leaving this war behind
fight for rights that we lost
died in my
oh i need it
why dont you leave me alone
it just seems to work
thats just how we felt
quite comfortable
just like the time i left you asleep
eyes never blink or cry for me again
and all
and in all
there was nothing left
to defend
so cry and weap as the sun goes to sleep
left to you and me
the new faded majority


I didn’t cry
the day my grandfather died
I held back tears
succumbed to my fears
and I just hid away

you know a man so great
just went so late
they took him without pain
they sent him all the same
I still miss him time again

just a lick and a promise
an old college try
all he asked of me
so I did my best
put aside my lack of strength
bite my tongue
and hoped it’d go great

they told me he would be proud
of where I was and how I had found
true love
all of the good above
but I knew he wouldn’t care
he’d just want to take it in
just stare

cause the world is a place
that has sin and disgrace
but there’s the few bits of light we find
and I hope that’s where he went
when he took the time to sit
and admire everything around

yeah I guess it might sound sad
and I’m sure things can get bad
but at least I knew him
till the last bit of time
the last breath 

in a dream

i had a dream last night, i rarely ever do.

you came over to my house – it was the first time i saw you in three years.
you still had that uniqueness about you, i envied it.
we went into my room and sat down on the end of my bed.
you had made a movie of your life and you wanted to show me it.
it showed how you lost when you were younger.
it showed the compassion you had for others close to you.
but when it came to us – it was all just fiction.
we were climbing a tree talking about our lives.
it was in a field with no one around us.
the feelings i had for you then stirred inside me as i watched.
after a few minutes of talking with you i fell from the tree,
and the movie went to static.
i looked beside me to see you – but you were gone.
a note was all that sat beside me.
as i grasped it – it ignited.
i woke up.
i don’t know what happened in the dream – i don’t know what happened with us.
all i know for sure is your gone and i’m still here. and i know why.

distant cover

i had just turned the corner. i left her while she still had stardust in her eyes.

the inside of my car still gave off the warmth that it had been treated to only minutes ago. the thought of opening my window did not strike me, when it did, i thought it best to keep them closed. i enjoyed the warmth more then i would let anyone else know.

the only noise emitting from my car was the gentle hum of the engine and the slight acceleration of the tires on the pavement. it was early morning, but, it felt more like dusk.

if you asked me the moment it happened, i would still say, ‘i have no idea’, but, that is simply the truth. as i turned the corner i began to slow down, regardless of how far my foot pushed the pedal. just as i came into a full curve, small drops of water began to cover me. they gently tapped, giving off a glow as they burst.

the radio emitted noise to every hit of the water. it didn’t irritate me one bit, as the sounds were just the drops of water amplified through my stereo. each with its own distinctive and unique pitch, tone and speed.

as i came around to straighten out, the drops of water slowed down, and with it the sounds being amplified also slowed down becoming quieter. the drops cleared by the time i had finally straightened out. the stereo went quiet again. i pulled over to the side.

the door swung quickly as i burst out. i looked back at the curb. it was completely dry. i gazed on the corner looking for a broken pipe or a sprinkler. just dried up land. the back window still had beads of water follow its curves downward.

my hand pressed against the hood. it was cold with a thin layer of moisture. i opened the door and slid back into my seat. i peered through the back window. the beads still sliding down, i turned the ignition and shifted into drive.

the streetlights flickered, my eyes relaxed and my mind bewildered. i don’t know what i want to believe it. i don’t want to know if i will ever understand it.

peering down the road, a light catches my eye. it grows and reveals its true self. i drive into the awakening sun. the beads disappear as i follow the path and am covered by the strengthening beams.