I didn’t cry
the day my grandfather died
I held back tears
succumbed to my fears
and I just hid away

you know a man so great
just went so late
they took him without pain
they sent him all the same
I still miss him time again

just a lick and a promise
an old college try
all he asked of me
so I did my best
put aside my lack of strength
bite my tongue
and hoped it’d go great

they told me he would be proud
of where I was and how I had found
true love
all of the good above
but I knew he wouldn’t care
he’d just want to take it in
just stare

cause the world is a place
that has sin and disgrace
but there’s the few bits of light we find
and I hope that’s where he went
when he took the time to sit
and admire everything around

yeah I guess it might sound sad
and I’m sure things can get bad
but at least I knew him
till the last bit of time
the last breath 


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