in catherine. pt2

she ripped through two cigarettes before donning an expression of realization that she had just inhaled the last bit of smoke she’ll have for the next ten minutes.
“we should go grab a drink, stop and get some more smokes too.” she said slow patting her pockets in her light jacket.
“i don’t really drink much anymore – and i only smoked with my uncle on his deathbed.”
She smirked and looked me over and slowly shook her head back and forth.
“i forgot how much fun you were, you party animal.” she joked.
i nodded and motioned my head down the road, she smiled and put her head down as we began walking.
“so how long are you in town for animal?”
I let out a sighed laugh, “only for a few days. i have to tie up some lose ends and then i’m leaving this town again. hopefully for good this time.”
“you don’t want to come visit me next year and confess your undying love to me?” she put her hands over her heart and smiled like the devil.
“i’ll have to check my calendar – but i’m quite sure i’ll be busy. not that i don’t enjoy these engaging conversations we have.”
as we walked down the street, the bookstore now far off in the distance behind us, a cold pink neon shone across the street side.

the small corner shop had been there since my father was a boy. my sister delivered the local newspaper for years to the store and was quite acquainted with the then shop owner – but it had changed hands several times over the past decade. my sister stopped deliveries in her fourth year after the owner was held up for the sixty two dollars he had in his cash drawer. my father decided my sister needed to have a safer part time job. he still sent me there for the odd item. i would run into a new shady patron every time, i just kept my head down and got out as quickly as possible.


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