hearts ago

you never told me.
your mouth stayed shut.
not even a whisper of a plea.
the pain stayed in your gut.

you waited till now.
but it was three hearts ago.
you should have known how.
it was partly my fault though.

i was in my own little world.
it worked for me.
but as it furiously twirled,
it kept me free.

you were far away.
planet unknown.
to my dismay,
my heart was on post-pone.

i looked at you then.
saw what i wanted.
merely a friend.
somewhat unwanted.

it struck me down to see you now.
changed, misplaced, unhappy.
i keep on asking why and how.
but there’s no long play- its quick & snappy.

the real question is-you or me.
a blame on both sides.
who was really the one who was free.
is it still pain we feel inside?

now you are away.
not planets-so to say.
maybe that’s how it should stay.
with me not thinking about you everyday.

i’ll stay on my planet.
you can live on yours.
until our names are etched in granite,
or we run into each other behind closed doors-

remember the greatest feeling in the world and know it’s not ours.


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