in a dream

i had a dream last night, i rarely ever do.

you came over to my house – it was the first time i saw you in three years.
you still had that uniqueness about you, i envied it.
we went into my room and sat down on the end of my bed.
you had made a movie of your life and you wanted to show me it.
it showed how you lost when you were younger.
it showed the compassion you had for others close to you.
but when it came to us – it was all just fiction.
we were climbing a tree talking about our lives.
it was in a field with no one around us.
the feelings i had for you then stirred inside me as i watched.
after a few minutes of talking with you i fell from the tree,
and the movie went to static.
i looked beside me to see you – but you were gone.
a note was all that sat beside me.
as i grasped it – it ignited.
i woke up.
i don’t know what happened in the dream – i don’t know what happened with us.
all i know for sure is your gone and i’m still here. and i know why.


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