summer day

six am deserves my eyes, waking up next to you would be such a nice surprise. but your father’s health and your mothers smile, keep bouncing in my head with denial. well with winter gone and spring now here, when will there be time for us my dear.

the morning wind is brisk and fine, sweat drips down my back as the sun tries to shine. the newspapers say the town is doomed, i just thought it was something that everyone assumed. when i come running up to you on your front porch, with your embrace like a burning torch.

afternoon naps with the weather, as we watch the crowded streets together. your fathers coughs and maniacal laughs, while he informs us of statistics of love on charts and graphs. and dinner tastes like it smells, as your cats look onward from their miniature cells.

suddenly i feel the moon, days like these make may seem like june. and the quiet sounds that we hear, looking constantly for something to appear. but these calm summer nights, lead to so much more than city lights –

the stars just shine for us to keep on moving along.


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