dwindling stature

play it off like i know what’s good
hanging in and out of your neighbourhood
looking at me like a piece of meat
cut me up nice and neat
my own style on display
you can have me any way
i got this jacket for a steal
make you an offer, make you a deal
trade it up for some little kisses
you’ll come up short with awkward misses
hold you to your word on your lips
but you keep reaching for my hips
i don’t care about the nicknames
i’m not in it for misguided fame
pushed down under the level
made out to look like the devil
but my face keeps turning blood-red
sooner or later i’ll wake up dead
sticking around you is bad for my health
not to mention my disappearing wealth
make me bend to your desires
burning up houses with bed fires
soon you can catch me underground
it’ll be hard for me to be found


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