thawed disposition

i feel kinder beside you
like i misread the manual
to keep you in neutral
as i steal your heart

it’s not that i was different
years before i ran into you
just that my demeanour
was mostly held with glue

time was never on my side
to start off on the right foot
so i kept my composure
with a hidden grin

something changed inside
when i came across you
like ice melting in the sun
everything came in tune

your priceless smile
keeping me desiring
the last kiss from you
as the moon rises at night

so take my hand darling
whisper your secrets
in my ear always
to ease my fear

well if you keep running
those fingers of yours
through my curls
i’ll live another day

my days of weeping are over
now that you’ve been spending
every precious moment
alongside me


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