run your fingers through my hair
i don’t have to go anywhere

let’s avoid a tragic fight
i don’t want to give up the moonlight

fear that leaving you would be insincere
so let me be absolutely clear

i’ve don’t want to give you the wrong impression
so don’t judge my facial expression

forward thinking never hurt anyone
so let’s just go out for a run

we could whistle in the dark
let our presence be known in the park

if i skip when i walk
know it’s just a new way to talk

you could savour all the bad
with your tongue so sweet but sad

let’s go out for a smoke
you were never one to choke

kiss me when i’m feeling down
stop pushing me around

let’s go out for a good long time
go out and get arrested for a crime

if the sun doesn’t rise
i hope we don’t get sick of each other’s eyes


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