in the morning

well you can tell by my eyes
that i don’t want the sun to rise
i want to stay here with you by my side

as soon as dawn breaks i’ll have to go
get dressed and pull my heart in tow
i wish that some days time would slow

if i knew i’d end up here with you
i would have called in with the flu
tell ’em my body is aching and my face is blue

the night went so quickly it took me by surprise
just being around you has taken me to new highs
now i’m fighting off the ever eager sunrise

i hope you understand that i’m being sincere
things haven’t been the best this year
but now you have me seeing you in revere

i know it’s not easy to accept the past
but i think what’s happening now will last
you’ve answered all the questions that i’ve asked

as i turn the key in the ignition something comes to mind
as i start to leave you behind
you might be the sweetest girl i ever find


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