it was strange from the start
always counting the beat of my heart
alongside the ticking clock
there was no reason to fear
kept my schedule clear
just to end up on your block

well as you opened the door
and i just started to implore
the wonder of it all
and as you gave me a tour
your beauty began to allure
like the art on your wall

as we walked to the bar
it still seemed bizarre
that this day was happening
we laughed as we drank
our minds never going blank
just our eyes examining

we headed back to your home
to the backyard with your gnomes
your choice of decoration
as we looked at the stars
discussed our old scars
over candlelight illumination

you commented on my hands
said their as smooth as sand
then asked me to kiss you
as the sparks shot inside
it got colder outside
my blood turned a lighter hue

we traveled to your room
all ready to consume
our built up desires
we put trust in our hands
didn’t make any plans
on putting out the fires

sun rose in the morning
without any warning
we stayed at each others side
who knew it would end like this
together with us in bliss
as our heart and souls collide


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