love in the 21st century

i would forgive you
easily too
but that’s the problem
i’d never forget

i was focusing on the good
pretending there was never bad
but that’s a lie
our tears were the truth

the progress made
was always slow
in minute amounts
staying as stagnant

even though it was long
it seemed so much shorter
by the tail end
like your smile

the way you shared yourself
but still remained so selfish
for me to feel alone
in my own space

it all seems obvious
in hindsight, of course
but at the time
i would never let go

maybe therein lies the answer
to why i thought we were destined
for more than what was clearly there
but i remain adamant it was more

the nights you and i cried
to one another over fears
to the last night
when we cried together

for the last time


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