picked you up at dawn
the sun came over the horizon
you let out a yawn
with a smile to enlighten
we packed up your bags
squeezed into my car
oh how the morning drags
when you can still see stars
coffee shop orders
tank filled up to the brim
crossing provincial borders
directions on a whim
we pass landmarks
one by one
amusement parks
you rolled down the windows
so the wind can caress you hair
you adjust your pillow
i find it hard not to stare
pit stops to refuel
grab a bite to eat
you say something unusual
i try to be discrete
back on the road
the summer sun shines
the traffic slowed
so we waited on the sidelines
you took photographs
of people and their children
to see their laughs
you kept your smile hidden
as it broke off
we returned to the road
you just scoffed
thought of your abode
how you would never miss it
the people there you never chose
you sounded like a hypocrite
for reasons you didn’t want to expose
when we reached our destination
the cool breeze comes off the lake
everything gets lost in translation
our words come off as a mistake
for when the fire starts tonight
you’ll come close to me
guided by starlight
hundred year old trees
as the embers fade out
we keep burning
old flames find new routes
constantly yearning
i don’t want to leave
without you standing by my side
but i’m just as naive
as the moonlight on the tide


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