passing through

calm me down
now the day won’t end
left aside
to the longest bend
of the century
at least it feels like it
cover me
when i put my neck out
justify my actions
to appease the court
going sideways
on the last highway
but the lights are off
traffic is backed up
i’m still far away
if i could try to catch up
make something new up
get back closer to you
but as it’s played out
the only thing that’ll help
is just keeping you in mind
with every waking hour
i wonder if it makes me a coward
wanting to leave now before the storm
if i could justify a reason why
they can keep putting me down
it’s a burning question
that i can’t answer
so i just take a moment to nod
by the length of my arm
i wish i could find a star
follow it to lead me north
but instead i’m just a passerby
in the whole scheme of the night’s sky
so i let my legs keep walking
take me to whatever destination
with my hope tied on my wrist
if it could be everlasting
like a misunderstood question
in a sea of solutions
if i close my eyes
would you take me home


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