through the morning

already sick of the cold mornings
but they only just began
scrapping the frost
off my car windows
cursing under my breath
but i’d rather be back inside
warm and content
with you

oh the morning drive
does damage on my soul
all the stop and go
just to look to the side
someone’s swerved out
of control and i
just keep on by
thinking of you

the off ramp’s crowded
everyone is laying on their horn
i turn up the stereo
but it’s never the right song
all these prizes i wont win
advertisements about my skin
i just wait my turn
hoping to hear you

construction on the country road
down to a shared single lane
everyone for the next ten kilometers
will likely share my pain
as the workers on their phones
crack terrible jokes
give me the stink eye
i sink in the memory of yours

parking lot is always crowded
so i end up at the far side
slipping as i walk on by
i look up to the sky
the sun starts to shine bright
stinging my sleepy eyes
so i just close them
and i dream of you


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