spade & archer

come closer darling
i know what you think
this blood on my hands
won't wash off in the sink

it's the memories dear
that stay in my mind to fright
keeping me screaming
in the bitter late night

but don't worry love
i've got it all figured out
a way to fix everything
no need to doubt

that the best course of action
is put into motion
i'll get rid of everything
throw it in the ocean

to let this ruin us
all that we had
why that's just silly
somewhat just sad

so pick up your hands
cover them too
it will wash off
so fresh it's still blue

to remedy screams
well it's more then it seems
take one of these
harsh fragile dreams

for when we awake
with hands all clean and dry
it'll be easy to forget
you'll just question why

so don't run away now
don't begin to look back
join me now
let's stay on track

cause if you leave now
the only thing i couldn't stand
is to have your beautiful blood
all over my hands


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