summer love

my eyes stung
from the sweat
beading down my face

in the humid summer
as i jogged down
to your house

overcast skies
didn't stop
the sun's rays

my skin burned
dried out
to peel later

your shadeless lawn
with dead grass
and broken sprinkler

busted doorbell
ripped screen door
so i knocked on the mailbox

your tabby cat
motionless and spread out
meowed from the balcony

you came up
with a floral t-shirt
and jean shorts

hair tied back
no makeup
red popsicle

you're the only one
to be cute and cool
on the hottest day

we'd wait
for sunset
the breezy night

rush out
drink up

to late mornings
afternoon wakes
to repeat

i walk back
to an empty house
and rejuvenate

if the season ends
you disappear
i'll stick around

autumn brings
fleeting love
back in town


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